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Business Email Solutions

Get business email addresses; Establish credibility, Build trust, Promote your business. We are available 24/7 to support you grow your business!

What is a business email address?

A business email address is an email address that includes your company’s domain name (for example, Using a branded business email address helps to establish credibility, build trust, and promote your brand.

Establish credibility

What does your business email address say about you? Does it set the right tone for potential customers? Using an email address like may sound like a good way to save money and get your name out there, but it lacks professionalism. Plus, messaging from this type of email for business may be misconstrued as spam and get deleted without being read. Establish credibility and help to ensure deliverability with a custom business email address that conveys authenticity and trustworthiness.

Build trust

Customers trust recognizable businesses. Compare a company that answers the phone with “Hello?” with a company that answers, “Thank you for calling ABC Company, this is Jane. How can I help you?” With which one will you share your personal information and credit card number? It’s the same with a domain-based email for business. Whether it’s sales@, hr@, or, business email addresses tell customers and potential customers that you are legitimate and trustworthy, which brings value to your brand.

Promote your brand

A custom, domain-based business email address means that you are promoting your business’s name—not the name of your free email provider—and it reinforces brand awareness. Easier than printing and handing out your business card to everyone you come in contact with, communicating through a business email address keeps your name in front of potential and current customers and reinforces your brand messaging. A business email account makes a greater impact and is more memorable when promoting your brand.

Get website visits

A business email address will be seen on social media and your business cards and in presentations and marketing materials. Your domain name lets people know you have a website and encourages them to visit for more information. A business email address that correlates with a website reinforces their impression that you are a professional who is serious about your brand.


Email or call us and we will help you setup the email domain, create the addresses and configure in your deices for eay accessibilty.

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